Saturday, 27 April 2013

I have moved my blog!

Thank you all for the support and continued support but I have now made a brand new blog!

It is here!

I will add you all who are following me if I don't is probably cause I couldn't find the links by accident. Let me know if I have miss a follow!

Thanks again guys.


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I'm not dead?! 8D

Not updated in a while sadly been so busy with uni work and doing art work for it.


The works been here if your interested planning to create a new blog on blogger for my personal stuff as well.

Miss blogging so much waaaaaah! want to catch up with everyone and their blogs soon!
take care hope your doing alright

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Birthday! Japanese food and therapy!

Crazily enough I got spoiled again cause it was my birthday last week felt even more guilty about getting more presents.
But it was lovely and I got to go and have Japanese food which is so rare for me! It was so tasty wish I could have it all the time. Enjoyed the christmas-ness in Glasgow afterwards. And got lovely presents and gah!
what a surprise I got a new laptop which is going to be so useful for art uni!
Cant wait to start Pokemon black yes!
I go back to uni on Monday cant help but feel the holidays went to fast and I’ve been a emotional wreck lately. But for the new year I’m going to try some therapy and see if it will help my mental and emotional problems. I want the old Debz back and I want to be able to make art again and feel like I used to. Cant ignore these issues forever.
Hopefully it will be good for me, also noticed I don’t take pictures of myself anymore must be the self esteam thing.
I plan to start a jar and put little nice notes in it either it being nice sayings or activities to do. And if not everyday I’ll pick something out of it once a week so I’ll either have something nice to think about or an adventure to look forward to for me.
I’ll let you know how it goes!
Anyway Hope everyone had a good 2012 and have a good one this year too!

What I got for christmas!

It has been a while but here is what I got for Christmas this year I truely am spoiled. I didn’t even ask for anything this year but my family are so kind and lovely. It’s nice to get such beautiful things for being a poor student and I appreciate it greatly! Felt even guilty for getting all of this.
The biggest gift I got was a brand new camera which I took these photos with 8D
Been wanting to play these games since forever as well so happy I got them nyaaaaah!
Things have been busy and I’ve been going through a lot of depression and negative events. It’s hard to even get out of bed some days but this is the reasons for lack of updates.
Also that trying to upload pictures to tinypic and photobucket has been a bit of a chore when I get just upload stuff easier to Tumblr.
Birthday post coming your way too!

Also sloved the blogging picture host problem can just copy paste my stuff from Tumblr! whoo!
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