Monday, 29 October 2012

I'm still alive barely heres my art films and stuff I've bought

I love Autumn so much its so beautiful when the trees are this way and as I walk to uni these days their all blowing in the wind and making tiny whirlwinds just for me.

It seems how I always start my blogs now but I have been very busy and its been crazy my mind is all over the place and my physical self is all over the place too! In the past couple of weeks I finished my first uni project (I'll post my movies near the end of this post.)

 Still have my sweet tooth during these winter months been cosying up in knits with endless cups of tea with sweet things to eat like biscuits and honey.

To treat myself  I ended up buying some things with my student money and work pay 
(plus christmas presents for the family)
I'm not usually like this but I truley have been working my butt off for work and university and wanted to reward myself.

I actually got this bad boy months ago and it was only £5.00 and I've never had a playsuite before and im proud for my first one to be covered in Bunnies. And the fact it has the little Peter Pan collar with a little chain hanging thats on trend not bad I say!
And its sooooo comfortable its like silk on the skin and very comfy to wear. :3

As that it is getting colder I thought it would be a good idea to get some cosy knits.
I got these guys cause was thinking they would be perfect for casual and fashionable wear as well as being super comfy and warm.

If you know me by now you have to know that I love deers I actually have so many fashion items to do with them. I might do a post with just all of them in it to show how sad I am ha ha!

Felt it was also time for a new scarf I thought this little guy was perfect still trying to get with the grips of a snood but oh well tangled comfy mess around my neck all round!

Was needing a little simple shirt piece to go with a lot of clothes I have that match better with white/cream color that goes nicely. Felt this little guy fit the bill considering I went around everywhere looking at shirts that were the same but really expensive. This one was only £6.00 while others were well over it and that its a size 8 the sleeve holes fit my around my arms great even tho I have lanky arms and was worried they would be to big. It's a perfect snug fit and very comfortable and casual.


For uni I was wanting a bag that would fit all my sketchbooks and all the other crap that I have to bring with me such as my camera, headphones, pencil cases and art stuff....I carry a lot of stuff ok?! Im to practical and prepared for my own good?!  I did have my eye on really nice bags from Accessorize but they were far to much money and always out of my price range for a student. By chance I found this guy in a charity shop and somehow have fell in love with it, the picture on it is basically just right for me.

But yeahs I have been on the go constantly if im not cramming away at uni work in my flat Im cramming away at it in the studios at Univeristy. And then at weekends I have my part time job and as amazing as this point should be in my life. Im always exhausted and feel really old ha ha Im actually aching and falling asleep all the time from things. I do have baths and sometimes take time out to just sit back here and there but yeahs I'm always busy.

And I do get tired sometimes and have to have naps and just sit in quiet spaces or read books or play video games to pass the time inbetween.

I sometimes be social as well and its weird I have friends/co workers/ flat mates and class mates and I enjoy talking and sharing with people. Especially all the new creative people I have been meeting their so inspirational and its so wonderful being in an enviroment with them like that.

Heres also my movies I've made for my first project in class hope you enjoy them.
How you guys been doing?

take care

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Finished first uni project and winter months

(Baby Robin taken earlier this year)

Oh my yes indeed I finished my first uni project and don't think I've ever been so stressed and tired in my life. But it was incredibly rewarding and amazing to be in a creative environment and be experience art school for the first time. My class is so awesome its unreal I feel so loved, accepted and not afraid to show my creative side for fear of judgement or acceptance as a artistic person.

I somehow have made 3 films in 5 weeks and have been in every one of them and have became a sort of performance artist without even meaning to be! XD

Things have been just constant in the land of Deborah one thing keeps popping up one after the other. Either it being to do with uni, uni friends, family stuff or flat domestic duties or work stuff. It's been a weird balance of trying to get my head around everything and finding time to breathe. 

But creatively I feel full again and ready to create and produce work and feel comfortable and happy finally in my life.

(Street performer recently)

(Working on a film with classmates and getting painted on)

It's also becoming a lot colder these days and I always crave sweet things during the winter months. Bought a jar of honey and have been having biscuits and other crazy food with it.

(Ice cream with banana sprinkles and honey)

Been enjoying my food these days its been amazing to have money to spend on tasty food. Also been craving some chunky knits and warm cosy things for the colder months coming a head. Not did any fashion posts in the longest time but hopefully that will change.

I also plan to show you guys all my new films I've done hopefully soon.

I'll leave you with blonde Debz!

How have you all been missing you guys like crazy!

Hows everything been on your end?

Take care

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