Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Pretty frocks and new room

Hey ho lets go!
Hey everyone I've been busy moving into the new flat and rearranging my new room.
 To add some feminine charm to the flat since I'll be staying with the boyfriend and our other male flatmate.
Slowly but surely getting there need to make another car trip with things with the parents.

These were some Puppet performers round the corner from where I'll be staying. 
They were so lovely everyone around me watching couldn't help but have smiles on their faces.
Always something going on in the high street I'll be browsing/shopping/walking nearly everyday now.

Oh my these are most of my dresses before I packed them away for the move.
Excuse the girly-ness but how does any girl pick what dresses to take and not to take for a move out!

This is some of my new room with flowerly bed covers added!

One of my favourite features of the room is this window, outside is a street many people walk up and down and I enjoy watching all the different people pass by. It's going to be so nice to sit on these pillows and draw while I watch people go by. 
I may even add a little bird box and get some little visitors! :3

Some girly items that need organising.

Been job searching as well as unpacking, I had a good day of going into places and handing in my resume.
I feel confident and happy about applying for work today and its a nice high.
Would be so lovely to work in a little cafe or eatery near my flat part time and be a student.
Me and my silly little dreams hee hee.

I also have to start working on my first uni sketchbook its to be about the Olympics.
Not sure how I feel about it but still want to give it a go!

How all you guys doing?

Take care

Saturday, 14 July 2012

First painting in months, little surprise in the mail and packing

"Jar full of flies"
White pen

Gosh I've not painted anything in months really its been weird and sad. This is just a little something I did the other night. It basically expresses how I've been feeling for months about life, starting uni, relationships, moving out, looking for work and being stressed.

Dunno how I feel about it but it has been hard not being able to make anything.
Might upload it to Deviantart its been so long since I've been there to.

My sleep is all over the place again and theirs some family troubles am worried about. 
And thinking about moving out and new flatmates at night is often for me now.

I was pretty down today but then I got a nice surprise in the post.
Any of you guys know VIKTOR AND ROLF?

Their one of my favourite fashion designers in forever and I've been a huge fan of them for a long time.
If you like the weird and surreal with magic and some fashion involved you will love them to!

I joined their mailing list very recently and as a lovely surprise they sent me a sample of their perfume "Flowerbomb"

It smells amazing!
 Its so feminine and mature with the touch of flowers in love instantly!
Wish I had the money to buy the actual bottle waaaaah!
You guys should check out their website and fashion shows their so beautiful and fun!

I did my nails for fun their not perfect but it was nice to do I guess. 
I'm that bored inbetween packing and spending time in the house.

Oh dear I have far to much art stuff to take away when I move out its unreal. 
I already feel like theirs been to much packing and its only been art stuff x_x
And my books that are most important I love my books their so beautiful.

The novelty of holding one and flicking between the pages with your fingers and the old smell some of them have. It's a love that will never die for me and I learn and use them so much for drawing and inspiration.

Not much else planned really apart from packing and spending time with parents as the gradual move happens. With also Dashes of looking for jobs and attempting art again.

Do you guys have any fave designers or books?
Lemme know if you do!

Hope you guys have a good weekend!
Take care

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A lot better and recent buys

Hey's everyone sorry its been so quiet on the Bloggy front. 
I have been reading everyone else's blogs and I do try to comment when I can but still enjoy the reading!
I envy all the wonderful and positive-ness everyone else shows on their blogs its inspiring.

I'm a lot better from my awful cold/virus I had seriously guys I thought I was dying. 
I lost more weight cause I could not eat. 
Which is something I cant afford to do its pretty messed up can see the weight loss on my face.
But the cold is nearly gone just still a sniffle but was pretty crazy and bad, the Doctor had to come to my house cause I couldn't get out of bed.
I know that's pretty pathetic of me to say that tho theirs lots of people with illness'es and far worst elements than a cold. Or whatever it was I had and they probably deal with it cause their stronger and good people who can.

I thought I would show you guys some things I've bought over the past few months. That's right months?!
I don't really spend money anymore cause its something honestly cant really do. 
Since been keeping money for my rent and new flat.

I actually got this today from my many charity shop trips I have an attraction to dark blues lately.
It only cost me 99p so thought what the heck for that price might as well.
Will be an awesome comfy dress to kick about in and to add some girlyness to laid back days.

Oh my I have not bought shoes in so long I'm such a practical little so and so that I can resist most things unless I feel their really needed. But I saw these in yet another charity shop and thought they were super rad!
But the little voice of reason inside me kept telling me I didn't need them and so they were not bought.
But I came back a couple of weeks later and they were still there and their actually sooooo comfy!
not bad for

I got this beautiful butterfly the last time I was at the Karboot which was quite a while ago. 
I always wanted to buy some taxidermied animals or insects its a secret love I have.
Had a butterfly I've preserved in the fridge for nearly a year in a little tub. 
Just dunno how to take it to the next step to keep it and put it in a frame.
I plan to put this little guy up on my wall of my new flat room.

I am not ashamed I am a fan of the new my little pony friendship is magic cartoon series.
I mean come on its made by Lauren Faust (powerpuff girls and fosters home for imaginary friends)
I grew up watching so many cartoons and the new my little pony is a lot like them with talented people behind the wheels!

My undying love for old cameras always gets the better of me!
Got this awesome Polaroid set in charity shop a little while ago. 
Still need to develop the other film in my old cameras just not got around to it doh!
Hope I can get this bad boy working or be able to get film for it.

But yes these are what I've bought over the past few months with little money I've had.
Still been trying loads to find a job its tough and sometimes a little soul destroying.

I hope to move into my new flat very soon have all the boxes just need to pack and get the stuff there.
Uni is also approaching and its a scary thought..still cant believe I even got into University.

Hope to get back into drawing and art over the next few weeks as well.
Life just keeps coming up like nasty illness and depression.

How have you all been?
Missed you guys.
take care

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Mountain of tissues

Recently been extremely ill probably one of the worst colds I've ever had so much that been at home and in bed for 6 days so far. I hope to get better soon I've not really had any support from anyone on blogger or Tumblr for quite a while and that makes me sad. But this might be cause the cold is making me miserable as it is. But I have been on the internet secretly checking out everyone's posts and images to pass this horrible time. Thanks for keeping me entertained everyone it helps pass this devil of a cold.

My fever was so bad the other night that I became delusional and could hear voices and thought people where in my room.

I do hope it passes very soon. ):
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