Saturday, 31 March 2012

What do I do with my other art blog? and late make up and fashion post

Yeahs I dunno what to do with my other sorta abandoned art blog The Tinfoilrose 
It was a blog planned for all my things arty but no one really looks at it or knows it exists.
And that its been harder to keep up with posting all things arty between my my expressive deviantart 
and my photography deviantart and also My tumblr ....phew!

I also do have facebook page but I barely post anything on them 
anymore I post on blogger all the time tho.
Maybe I've taken to many sites than I can handle.
I would like to get back to them tho...

Maybe I should just post most of my art on this blog from now on..I dunno's my mind is everywhere and jumping to much in the real world.

Still not heard back from University either or any of the other courses for interviews.
 I do think i wont get anymore interviews or get accepted. 
Dunno if I'm good enough for University yet I would hope so gaaaah! 
so scatter brained!

I thought I would post a sketch book I've been working on for my personal work. 
(Personal work outside of any education it still needs more development.)

These are mostly research pages of artists and things that have influenced my work.
Made so many sketchbooks I do like them their really fun and exciting maybe.
 I should post them for a change instead of finished pieces. 

(Been reading the secret garden just now since its on the page just there. My heart 
was pounding when read the part about her finding the garden! ha ha I'm so sad!)

Now for some fun its long overdo but here's some make up I bought while ago.
I am such a penny pincher when it comes to spending money apart from anyone but myself.

Eye palette with autumn colors with light color and some cool. £ 1.00

I got this eye palette since it had some bright colors and autumn colors.
I have hazel colored eyes so I don't suit many eye colors.
As far as I know also cause of the shape of my eye I suit lighter shades cause my eyes are deep set.
Been looking up make up tutorials for eyes and been trying stuff out its been interesting.

With my super drug voucher and with a deal with 2 for 3 on eye products for 2000 collection I took the plunge.

  Multiplier mascara from 2000 collection. £ 5.99 
(But because it was a new product and its sell date wasn't
 ready they included it in the deal and i got it for free.)

Its been my new eye tool mostly these days its not difficult to apply and 
the rubber brush makes it easier for combing lashes. 
It does stay on for most of the day and does not irritate my eyes but it can get messy if you make a mistake but Mr wipes can take care of that.

Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner £2.99 each but in total £6.00
Black and purple

 I've never tried an actual pen besides outside of drawing and art work but the 
application for make up really intrigued me.
 It is a little tricky to apply but good practice eventually helps but because it is a pen it does feel like you are drawing on yourself ha.
It is very good for drawing on your upper lid especially for more interesting designs of make up. It drys quickly and application is smooth and stays on very well.

Collection 2000 Blush Trouble £ 2.99

Blusher is always a tricky product for me considering mostly for its color. 
If you have quite pale skin or olive skin like me I would recommend this color. 
It is quite glittery so it gives a nice shimmer but a couple of applications will 
give you a nice but not to overpowering glow. 
Its very soft and natural looking and I get a slight smell of vanilla off of the power in its case.
Also the little flower design in the power it self its just a nice added touch.

Okies that was my first make up review sorry if it was lame ha ha.

Here's some silly previews of what the make up looks like applied.
(Apart form my foundation which I may do another time.)

This was also my look for tea with my friend the other week its one of my favorite dresses.
I seem to collect a lot of clothes with animals and nature things on them it makes me happy indeed.
I can has the longest arms in the world!

Dress: TK Max £7.00
Jeans: Primark £9.00
Necklace: Accessorize £ 4.00 at the time
Shoes: Primark £4.00

Oh it was such a nice day for tea and a tea dress.

I may do more outfit posts their fun and I'm hardly fashionable or a model but their fun to do and fun to see other peoples! : )

Hope you guys liked this post it was fun and nice to do.

Today was not so fun and nice a lot of drama but went to BBQ food was good.
It was probably all my fault anyway I got so angry for the first time ever in my life. 
I'm actually quite a crappy person that smells like fire just now.

Did you guys have a nicer weekend?

Take care

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Finally some quiet and my back is so sore

Oh my life is just so crazy, wonderful and sometimes upsetting.
 I have been so busy since my last entry that it feels like its been a year.

My University interview was yesterday and I don't know how it made me feel really have no idea. 
Its scary and amazing times.

In-between and of the above I have done so many things apart from my work preparing for it.

Been to karboot and school tuck shops, time with my parents, guinea pig babies, playing eye spy on car trips, making crafts with my nieces, finally going to the local art club and collab project, meeting up with an old friend for adorable tea and Japanese food and enjoying the wonders of spring and the sunshine.

Their only a few of the things I have been up to theirs much more 
but here's some photos that would show it better.

Their is so much more I want to say and share including my charity shop and karboot buys. 
Plus new make up I got recently and how tutorials have made me learn how to draw it better on my face ha.
Their also lots of stuff to do with clothes I want to show you guys as well but I am so tired from all the work.
I will soon tho I promise and it will be awesome.

I need to work on more art as well life is just so mental and I'm so shy about showing work now dunno whats happened to me?!

But going to stay positive and hopefully my back will get better from carrying my portfolio around the city.

Time to relax and have some fun in the sun for a change!

How have all you guys been?

Take care

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Old machines spoke to me with the smell of cakes and awesome news

The past week has been crazy but in a good way. That's me submitted all my work to the art Unis I want to go for finally. 
But just when I thought I could chill for a little while and start showing you guys art Ive been working on no lol!
But awesome reason why I got an interview for the uni I want to go to at the end of the month! 
I honestly thought i would not get an interview.
So I'll have to be working my butt off to make my portfolio all nice and cool for the next 2 weeks.
It shall be busy times.

But on a family quality time note I spent some time with my parents last weekend since they had time off work. I do really enjoy spending time with my parents cause half of the time we don't get to see each other that much.
 Even considering we live in the same house together were always in different rooms and have different interests.
This week we went and did some shopping which i got a couple of things but I'll show you guys another time. (including sneakily buying presents for mum for mothers day and her bday.) 

And checked out the new transport museum near us and I'm so glad we did it was amazing and free entry! 
Cant argue with that.

Old antiques such as typewriters and cameras make me ridiculously giddy.

They look like old toy cars on that wall there its so clever.

Me in an old pub waaaaaaaay!

What I wore on the day out its a lovely little knitted sailor top my lovely's mum gave me as a gift.
She's a great lady she's so nice to me and knows her bargains well!

My face looks so fat these days lol or as I like to call it hamster cheeked must be the ways of getting older. Been trying new make up tricks and stuff. I also finally went and got new make up with my gift card but I'll show you guys in my next post or something lol like your on the edge of your seats ha ha.

My nieces stayed over this weekend to their so crazy and hyper but always cute. We played Wii fit which I'm getting into doing for exercise and eating better to. Played pictionary for the lols and made cupcakes and watched a movie.
Here's all the cupcake action!

They came out pretty good and tasty they were all gone by the next mornings lunch time ha ha!

Sleeping has been so much better as well its been pretty good but I get up like super early. I hope to keep exercising and eating healthy. Need to prepare myself for the interviews soon to so will prob's be busy the next couple of weeks forgive me if i don't get back to you guys straight away.
Sleeping wont be so good anymore ha ha.

Did you guys have a good week? weekend?

Take care
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