Monday, 20 February 2012

week of adventures outside and with food

Its 12.20pm Im in a tiger onesie alone in my lovelys flat  and their all at University.
 Finally some time to myself to do a blog post and listen and sing to music ha ha!

The whole weeks been actually a bit crazy Ive been hanging out with my friends and weve had some nice little adventures in their Uni town. 
Monday was awesome we went to the Uni I might be atteneding in the future and to a ice cream shop down the road from it. Was sooooo cute and fun for me to buy ice cream not did it since i was a little girl and the cafe was so cute.

Check it! My ice cream was so yummy! Thanks S.H for holding it for me!

Then we walked along the river bit where we did the chalk drawings that other time was so good. Then had big long deep talks about life video games and serial killers which I know far to much about and am willing to admit. XF

Through the week I manadged to do some more art 2 hours of drawing and listening to music was wonderful. I've also been watching childrens programmes on the BBC iplayer.
I never knew they existed but I love how it looks with all the textures and the animation movements.

Its called the adventures of Abney and Teal its been so hard to find any nice videos of it to show you.
But heres a sadly mute video of the two little dolls playing hope you like them.

I also finally watched an episode of RastaMouse oh man makes me lol so much!

Childrens programmes these days are so awesome would love to make ones this like.
Been having a ball watching them.
Do you guys have any fav childrens programmes?

Another day this week went on a walk with a couple of nice girls I know up here. We went all over the area and saw some lovely things and photography-ness was a nice afternoon.

Video games have been played as well like lots this is a gamer flat ha ha!
I finished Silent Hill 2 the other night I actually am a huge fan of the silent hill series and you should totally play them if you like scary games.
The older games in the series are probably the best cause the newer ones have changed since being made by american companies.
Do you guys have any fav games or like scary games?

Food has somehow been a major theme this week in my life dont think ive ate so much food in a short period of time before. 
I feel pretty fat lol.

From tuesday night we went to an Indian style buffet and then wednesday a chinease buffet its been so tasty.

And this weekened weve made all our dinners from scratch and they all turned out so awesome.

On friday we made Ramen and it turned out so amazing. Ramen is like a noodle broth dish from Japan and you can add pretty much anything to it. 
Its one of my fav foods.

On saturday we made home made pizza's they turned out to be such beasts.

But they were super tasty tho and yesterday we made home made burgers but i think my tummys gonna explode lol!
Gonna have to lay off the fatty-ness for a while.

I keep coming up with lots of awesome things to post and show and some of them get pushed aside and forgotten. 
Especially Deviantart work thats long overdo and really should of been posted sooner.
 Things in life just keep popping up and being awesome and i get a little side tracked ^^'

I'll leave you with some awesome music videos that I adore just now.

If you want to know more about this one check out their YouTube page and read up on their wiki its just to amazing for words!

Enough said about this one but we live in such an amazing and beautiful age to be creative and animation that its just breathtaking.

I hope you guys had a good weekend and a good week ahead!

Take care

Monday, 13 February 2012

Queezy ness and rumblings of the road

(My Doggie Kris stealing my bed)

Thanks everyone for the support and nice comments through the bad times. 
Your Blog posts are always awesome to read and keep me going.

Things have gotten a bit better but it still needs some time. 
Wish I could say the same for my sleep its riddiculous these days ha ha! 
Sleeping at like dinner time and right through till 7 in the morning dunno how that's possible!

Was spending some time with the parents and the lovely and were all ill with colds and the like lol had a sore throat for a month. 

We went to Ikea here's Broccoli man.

We played video games and watched movies the past few days was nice to do normal things with someone.
I may talk about what games and movies we watched in another post see what you guys would think : )
We also played the board game Dragonolgy I got it for christmas.

Its pretty fun never underestimate the power of board games.

I'm up at the lovely's this week for vday hoping things will get more carefree and less ill.
Their flats a bloody mess its pretty disgusting makes me discouraged about getting a flat for university.
Theirs a lot of akward tension as well so its not helping with the whole carefree-ness of the environment.
I clean it everytime I come up maybe not going to do it this time.

 Sorry for the terrible lighting in this one better than nothing.

Have such a weird face lol its like a hamster content with food in its cheek.
Hamsters are pretty awesome tho.

 Been playing around with make up especially eye I've never been so bold or out going with make up before.
Its fun kinda like drawing and painting using your self ill experiment further in the future.

 Owls always a hoot.
And their is Deer's on my sweater/jumper and my scarf told you I liked Deer's!

I tried painting apples on my nails it was pretty fun not perfect but fun none the less!

I have been doing more art as well and other little adventures. 
I hope to get more done up at the lovelys cause brought my sketchbook.
 Hope things are more cheery and bright this week and less akward.

Jacket: George
Scarf: Primark
Sweater/jumper: F&F 
Shorts: F&F
Shoes: Peacocks
Necklace: Gift

Did you guys have a nice weekend?

take care

Monday, 6 February 2012

*Sad blog face*

 Nearly a whole week without a blog post im fading fast and its only February oh the shame!

Ive been quiet cause had a lot of relationshit going on and putting all my energy and time into it is hard work.
Been trying to do art dispite it but get so overcome with emotion cant draw the next line.

Curse you over sensitive girl feelings!

So not even had much to really say or to show on the blog.

The past few days have been me in bed to depressed to even get out of it and do much of anything. 
Even trying to be girly is not happening dont have the energy to even bother with my appearance.

I would like everything to get better or have been attempting to but i cant really do it cause im pretty much the only one trying to fix everything.
Relationships require two people not one or its like talking to yourself. 
Maybe they dont want to fix anything and Im not taking hints i dont know anymore.
One sided things suck.

Maybe i need to be alone for a while and run away from everything forever.

Did you guys have a good weekend?

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