Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Dunkeld exhibition/framing prints and NHS and body shapes

Hello lovely's Ive not updated blogger or Deviantart for a little while because Ive been running around nearly every day doing something. 

The Dunkeld  exhibition will be accepting work in the next couple of weeks so i was away getting prints done professionally.

Ive to pick them up this friday and im very excited to see some of my work framed and mounted professionally. The prices of the framing place were very reasonable also they seem like a lovely bunch and i would recommend them to anyone wanting to get their stuff framed/mounted.

Got these at the shop, its all their spare card for super cheap Im going to make new work and start some new portfolio work with it!
The framing place and exhibition were recommended to me by the lovely people at the Cumbernauld Cultural forum. Their doing another exhibition in a few months time and want me to enter again as well yay another exhibition!

Ive also been running around applying for jobs funnily enough one is the exact framing place i went to but in Stirling. I saw a careers adviser recently and she was so nice and helpful. She recommended i apply and look for work in art galleries and art stores. I have done in the past but it wasn't successful so im looking even into volunteer work now to.
 m maybe getting a volunteer job at this beautiful mansion house but Im visiting the place tomorrow to see how it is there and how things will go.

OH! I also went to a student art show at the art uni in Dundee and it was wonderful illustration seems a very promising course. Fine art was amazing as well but i can find it hard to grasp some comtempory art as beautiful as it can be. Their was some amazing kids there and they inspired me a lot and i dont make uni seem like such a scary/restricted place. 
 Ill have to follow some of the artists and show you how cool they are!

Been at the dentist a lot recently which hurt but it will be good in the end and ill have a nice cheesy grin (without the cheese). 
 Was at the doctors as well and i have gotten a lot better since what happened. 
I still got a letter asking if i want to see a councilor and i have still been considering it but i dont really know if it will help now. 
 My doctor was impressed with how better ive gotten on my own and he was so sorry that it took so long. 
It was a lot to do with NHS cut backs and positions of the psychology/councilours in the profession and where they should be put and who they should treat. It was just unfortunate that i asked for help/needed help during this time.
I cant help but feel sorry for people in a worse position than me with mental illness/medication or even worse outside problems during that time and that it might of been to late for them.
 I hope to get some new work out again this weekend and i want to catch up with fellow online artists/friends and get the ball rolling with some collabs. 
I dont want people to think im a time waster or messing around cause doing art and doing art with others is something i want to do my whole life and i would be crazy to miss those chances with people.

I hope to add more to my Esty as well it has been neglecting to much! ;n;
Also i want to set something i feel ive not explained anywhere, this blog is for my personal entries about general/fun/personal/helpful things in life and my art.
My other blog is more of an art archive that shows all my work I'm doing and working on. You can find that HERE and at the right hand side of these entries.

Since all the serious stuff is out of the way ill end the blog with some fun little musings of my interests and finds!

A lovely of mine found this camera and gave it to me oh what a find! Ive became so interested in old trinkets and i want to try and take pictures with this as soon as! Its a 1940s Brownie camera it is older than my Dad! You can still get film for it and we opened it up and fixed and cleaned the amazing lenses inside. If anyone knows anything or anyone who knows about old cameras feel free to add your info on this treasure.

Here is some beautiful music i must share with you...

Ive also been interested in body shapes and how they work with clothes. I sometimes find i can never decide to what to wear in the morning or what clothes suite my frame. And im all very for every girl/guy liking who she is and her own body and we all worry about how we look and what we wear from time to time.

So instead of worrying about my skin/hair/weight etc. I looked into my body shape and type and its helped so much on what i choose what i buy for my figure and what suites me best. Ive also funnily enough noticed its helped me with drawing anatomy

My body type is that of a cornet lol! Im an ice cream! Well it actually means I have broad shoulders which is the widest part of my body with small bust and small hips. Which is usually a boyish/athletic body shape so it can be difficult to look womanly or curvy. But certain clothes can make me look curvier or more womanly if i do so wish and for comfort. And the colour of clothes can depend on your skin tone or parts of body you wish to flaunt.

What body type do you think you are and what sorta clothes do you like?

I do so hope to catch up with you all very soon and i read/watch/look at all your gorgeous work and musings. 

Monday, 16 May 2011

Exhibition news creativeness for esty and fun

Hello everyone I hope everyone is awesome possum and being artistic and happy. Im cosy in bed enjoying mixed fruit tea and seasoned garlic crackers with cheese spread oh my so tasty!

Ive been making more things here and there and having fun. Ive signed up for the Dunkled Exhibition in June im very excited and happy but also humbled. Im entering 3 pieces that you already all know and they will be A3 size and im planning to get them framed professionally. Baby steps! baby steps! waaaaah!

If your an artist and in scotland totally try and join in, it will probably be awesome!

Getting prints done can be so expensive i got some black and white prints done of my black and white drawings i did recently on normal paper. And they got so much money i was like waaaaah what happened to my wallet! *moth* ;n; being an artist can be so expensive and tricky sometimes. But i wouldnt trade being able to create for anything in the world!

This is why im starting to sell my previous work for more supplies and also i think im planning to go to University or art school next year and its expensive!

But i have done some new work!

Im making these little guys into badges and maybe even stickers for my ESTY shop!

Waaaaah i love my little mini monsters and also hope to add my clay creations, oringinal pieces and such and such and such! Always wanted to have an online store makes me so happy!

On a side silly girly note i got a dress for 4 pounds waaaah it has bunnys on it!
waaaah im so poor lolzors!

Yeahs i look like a scary stick witchy woman in the corner and im gonna eat you! But its with love grrrrr!

Ive also found many many lovely stop motion and cartoons on youtube i wish to share but ill do that on my next entry!


I did a new story tape video aswell, its The Snow Queen one of my favs and i love this version i hope you do too!

I look forward to all your new works, journals, and blogs!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Thank yous, alice ballet, david attenborough and cartoons!

Wow i just noticed that i have over 10,000 pageviews...gosh thats quite a lot when you think about it. Thank you so much everyone i couldnt of got there without you, your never ending support and sharing art love with you all its fabulous to put it mildy. :love: :tighthug:

Still been making art here and there and i really enjoyed my mini victorian photoshoot was so much fun to do in my silly little bedroom of stuff!

I put up some of the other shots i took but didnt upload for the hell of it on the art blog waaaaaay!


Its amazing what some desk lamp lighting and some photoshop cropping can do!!! :D

ALSO! been meaning to share some lovely things with you all!

For starters :iconLordColinOneal: is a pretty great artist and person DA ive got to know recently.
He did a video of a ink painting of did of Edward Scissorhands and it took  my breath away.
Please you must watch!
The magic

I also recently watched the Royal opera Peform Alice adventures in wonderland on the tele.

So coooool

How they did the chesire cat was one of the most awesome things ive ever seen in my life! I sadly
cant get a video of it to show it to its full glory!



If you dont know who David Attenborough is then you must must must look him up. Hes probably one of the greatest people
whos ever gonna live. I grew up watching all his programmes as a child and when you were a kid everyone wanted to be him.
He went and did,saw,experienced and taught about things only some people will always dream of doing.

Here is some of his work hes done as a wildlife presenter.

Check him out honest! If you like nature and our planet you wont be disappointed <3
Also ive been checking out some of the new shows on cartoon network cause i barely watch tv anymore.
Ive got really into the 'Regular show' and ive already been into 'Flapjack' ' My little pony' and things from adultswim such as 'superjail' their to awsome.

Here ya go!




Art Archive



Dragonfly Skin

Dragonfly Skin by ~accidentlyonpurpose on deviantART

Dragonfly Skin

Their was a case of a pretty girl who everyone thought she was beautiful even tho she was oblivious to them...

Everyone wanted to meet her and see her and she enjoyed playing outside but she had a slight problem...

The poor girls skin was so fine and delicate it could rip and tear at the softest of touches...

Her nails were like paper and her hair could even rip with the gentlest of brushes...

Indoors is where she was usually kept like a bad secret or a bad word so quiet in the dark...

From afar she would watch bitterly as the birds sang in the trees and all the other children played in the park...

Eventually indoors wasn't enough to keep her from cuts she looked as if she had been in a scrap...

They didn't know what to do with her they tried pillows, bandages, and even bubble wrap...

Putting her in a box seemed like a good idea but even the cardboard was harsh and she didn't like the gloom...

Then thinking what if we put her in a glass case with a mattress on the wall in the front room...

This was then her fate to be kept in a frame mounted like some kind of trophey much to her owners pride...

She would watch everyone come and have tea and chatter about her but at least she could see outside...

I started the sketch for this piece months ago but wasn't really sure how i wanted it to go. I feel it might not be finished and their was more to it in my head at the time. Maybe ill go back to it and add more.

White out pen
Tissue paper
Ribbon roses
Wooden frame

Tell me of your wonderland

"The pale sickly boy asked the pretty girl..."

I have had so many ideas for these photographs that it was so hard to choose a theme. Ive been so greatly influenced by wonderland lately it was hard to resist! :love:

I may have to come back to this to make a better story about it.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Weird habbits and Del Toro

The sun has been out and about for days and its been ever so lovely i try to go outside a lot more now even if its just for walks. Ive been out on walks with my dad, our doggie, my nieces and an old friend. Its hard to be in a sour mood or feel aniexty which is so lovely. I have had bad dreams from time to time about silly things that worry me. But overall ive been very happy and productive.

I have such weird habbits lately ive been watching and reading up on serial killers. I like to understand the psychology of the human psyche its something thats always interested me. I dont tend to talk much to others about my weird interests which include things like that as such.

Artistically i feel like ive woken up from a long hibernation over the past few years that nothing could wake me from. Ive started creating ideas again and being productive with other artists and its been wonderful.
Im thinking about starting to do videos about my old sketchbooks or do tutorials on how to make a fun and healthy sketchbook. 
Would anyone be interested in that at all?

Ive always met people in my past courses who found it difficult to do sketchbooks or use media in them. I want to make this process easier for people because it is greatly rewarding seeing your work outcome.

I still get inspired very much aswell along the way and its pretty awesome lol!

As an example i do know that Del Toro creator of Pans Labyrinth and the orphanage just to name a couple. 

Is in process of creating a 3D stop motion animation film based on Pinocchio its very exciting!

Some figure examples and some concept art.

I went out shopping with Mum the other day and i got some lovely things.

 I got this clipboard with matching stationary their was other things like boxes and art books with the same design and they were all so pretty i wanted them all! @o@ But i settled for this.

 I also keep finding really old copies of Alice in wonderland books in charity shops and ive gotten into the habbit of buying them cause their always cheap and such a gem to have. Im nearly done with through the looking glass.

 I also got this China tea cup set it was very cheap and with the roses on it i couldnt resist! Ive been wanting a beautiful old tea set for some time but could never decide on which ones i wanted
Another alice book i found a little while ago.

Im also working on a new piece but im taking my time with it and being rather picky about it >n<

I also did a new story tape video

Its about a lion who wears glasses and is like DEAL WITH IT! LOL!
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