Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Bark Man 3

Bark man 3 by ~accidentlyonpurpose on deviantART

[link] 1

[link] 2

waaaah im sorry im bombarding you all with lots of different tree mans! :paranoid:

I wanted to do him again as a line drawing to really capture all his textures and growths he would have as a tree.

Trees have a special place in my heart i feel comfortable around them.

This is also may be part of a collab with another artist i know online but im waiting to hear word back from them. Hopefully it goes well.

also a shout to :iconlolita-ai: :love: for loving mr Bark man so much. Shes really cool and fun you should check her out!


Thorn Girl

Thorn Girl 2 by ~accidentlyonpurpose on deviantART

Thorn Girl

Her mother was a big beautiful rose...
And well as the story goes...

The mother had no thorns but every rose has at least a thorn...
Those jaggys had to go somewhere that was when she was born...

There was a girl with thorns coming out of her skin...
She was lonely and needed a friend she would never win...

It was not her fault the way she was...
She was a good girl but no one loved her well because...

But we all have a purpose, a use, a life track...
Hers is on Wednesdays as a coat rack...

Acceptance is a hard thing to come by in this day and age...
To bad for the little thorn girl she is to innocent to feel rage...


This is a remake of an old idea/character, i wanted to do it in my new style to compare how much ive grown artistically.

[link] old thorn girl

I do still like to draw cute things and fun things, But i enjoy drawing realistic/dark subject matter aswell.

Im to experimental for my own damn good bleh! no wonder i cant pick what media i want to have a job in if i got one :faint:


I like chickens

I like chickens by ~accidentlyonpurpose on deviantART

Its a bit late but happy easter!
I hope you all got lovely chocolate and things like that.

I had an easter egg hunt with my nieces. :meow: its on my photography account if you wanna lookie! :iconfeathereyelashes:

I also wanted to do this to practice drawing expressions and features again, tried new lips.

OH and i also really like birds especially chickens and seeing some recently makes me want to have chickens when im an old lady living in a lovely cottage somewhere.


Beach easter and good vibes

Been still pretty positive and busy with family and creating things again. I hav'nt felt this good about being me in a long time and im loving every bit. It's all very simple things but i like that so much more and i cant wait to get some of my goals done.
Some of my family members are still going through hard times and sometimes its hard and it does hurt. But I know it will be alright for them in the end and they are trying and doing their best and they dont mean to hurt. 

But ive been creating away in my new spring clean art space i made for myself. I have been outside a lot because of the sunshine and been spending alot of time with family. I went to a beach a few weeks ago and it was so so so wonderful i never go to beaches. It made me so happy and the beach town was so beautiful and friendly.

 Me in all my beachy glory im so white being a geek hermit!

 Testing the waters.
 Blocking out the sun for the photo, im so lame but my shirt is pretty cool it has owls.

 This was a library next to the bus stop in the town waaaaah most beautiful library ive ever seeeeeen.!

It was realleeeeeeeee nice.

We also did an Easter egg hunt for my nieces it was such a lot of fun i really enjoyed doing it for them.

Crows stole 6 eggs before the hunt began even tho i love them still. 

Bloody Crows...

I'm going to upload some new work soon to and past work from my courses on this blog, my art blog and DA.

Did you all have a good easter? <3

Monday, 18 April 2011

Tea parties and making soft space

Been feeling a lot better since the last post and im going to try to be more positive on blogger/DA cause no one likes a mopey dopey. The mood has improved because ive been incredibly productive and going out and doing fun activities.

My nieces were over at the school holidays and we had a grand time, i let them use my tiny tea set so we could have a picnic. It was very warm even if it does'nt look it and the sun was out for a change. My nieces are lovely and so sweet they get so excited over the littlest things cause they dont get to really do much. Their zest for life does rub off on you but can make one drain of energy since im such an old lady now. X3

This is my duck umbrella or 'brolly' as we call it in Scotland for short, i must when to keep the sun off and look simply adorable.

This is us being oh so British with tea the life blood of Britain! (Their was not any real tea here but you get the idea.)
Mr Beetle came to join our tea party he wanted some of the yummy goodness we chatted over a cuppa and mused over people and Beetle things.

We took my Nieces up to a small animal park thats been in my town for a super long time since i was little, ive not been there since i was 10 years old. It has friendly rare breeds of farm animals and nature trials and a play park. Its a very nice place and it used to have more but our smelly Council wont fund it at all so they lost the licence for animals they used to have and other things. Its still a nice place tho and i doubt the public would let it close.

After seeing all the different chickens they have its made me want a chicken so much, i would love to have some on my own small farm or cottage if i got one in the future.
 Mrs Peacock.
 Mr Peacock kept trying to get Mrs Peacocks attention with his tail feathers but the public kept walking by and making her walk away he must of been so frustrated lol!
 A happy pig.

A happy hand.

Ive been very productive aswell by tidying up our spare room in the house to be an art room for myself so i have more focus and privacy for my work. It took me days to tidy the room that had 10 years or more worth of stuff in it. It was almost like being in a junk shop their was countless drawings i did all the way through primary school, highschool and college. So many books, scraps, photographs, dvds and videos, childhood toys and fancy dress from past halloweens. 
But finally i tidied it all and i feel pretty good about it i cant wait to start work on my nice clean desk.

I got these sweet little animal paintings from charity shops a long with beautiful empty frames which i plan to put work into. Also i put past school work on the walls aswell to make the place less lonely and to add inspiration.

All my lovely drawing and reference books. Speaking of books ive nearly finished reading Through the Looking Glass its been such a fun ride. Me and my friend even tried the chess puzzle at the start of the book and it actually works how clever Mr Carrol was!


OH  been meaning to announce this for a while, dunno if anyone remembers but remember the magazine i contacted a while ago about photography and putting work in for it? wellllll................

Yeah hee hee they published my work in it and sent me a free copy for myself how lovely of them to do so!

If your wondering about the magazine their here and here their an online art magazine thats just kicking off. Their always looking for new talent, artists and funding since their starting out and trying to put their magazine in shops.
Im very grateful and happy that they took in an in interest in my photography work i feel the love.

If your interested here is what the photography was about and my other pieces from the project.
I hope to post some new work soon, i also plan to put more on my esty shop and enter my work in a new exhibition. But for now here is a new story tape video.

I hope your all doing well if you wanna drop me a line im always around! <3

Friday, 1 April 2011

Nothing matters and neither does this post

 Ive came to the sad conclusion that anything to do with myself as a person doesnt matter. Anything i do doesnt matter, anything i do for anyone else doesnt matter, any art i make and share doesnt matter, and i dont matter either. Ive came to this conclusion because everyone hurts and everyone is hurting and even if your super nice to them and be there for them and do good things for them, it really doesnt mean anything.

I just want to become numb and accept the fact i dont matter instead of being a silly human with emotions, just so tired of being hurt and going back to the start.

Heres cute pictures of some budgies to make this less depressing.

It's been a whirlwind of emotions lately, ive spent a lot of time with family mostly epsecially my mum. It was her birthday last week and i gave her a bag of goodies cause i didnt know what else to get her and we went for a day of shopping. I was incredibly ill on the outing tho and had to run out the store to get air in the fear of being sick from the check out que. I seem to get social aniexty attacks now when in public places mostly and if it has anything to do with money.

I got letters from my doctor, one about how i'll expect a phone call to get someone to finally see me after the start of april. Then another letter saying that a doctor seeing me is pointless and that my only problem is my self esteam and that ive to be sent to some type of self esteam group center. 
The whole mess of trying to get a councilor since Novemeber is almost to much to bare to actually try and seek more help.

One day ill be on top of the world feeling really healthy and wonderful, doing excercises in the morning, eating really healthy and being productive. Ill be outside going somewhere or doing something simple like picking up things for others because i feel that up beat. Then the next day ill be so depressed ill stay in bed for nearly the whole day. Not eat anything and my mind is just dark and has repeating images of stabbing myself with knifes in my legs,arms,back,stomach,chest and face.

My family is such a mess right now i dont feel comfortable at home, its always angry and upsetting.

Ive been continuing to job hunt quite a bit but i dont get any replies back really. Ive been looking into art classes and uni but im not even sure about it or what media i want to go in. Im so messed up and lost i really cant see a future for myself anywhere or doing anything.

I found this artist book in a charity shop thought it was beautiful and wanted to draw the dresses on his figures for reference. Such lovely elegant people and poses feel like i could drown in the dress fabric.

I found this too i couldnt resist, its rather old and i do want to read it, and has a puzzle of chess by Carrol at the start and some letters hes wrote inside.

Found this little guy to he's jus lovely i will hang him up on my wall to make my days less dark.

Found this to i want to make something pretty for it.

Could'nt resist theirs a deer and a tree antlers <3

I got a bagpuss dvd the sounds of it make the room less lonely.

I did another story tape video too, this time is Thumbelina this story makes me weep.

I also got my hair cut and dyed it red, cant really see it.

Yes my nose is huge.

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