Saturday, 25 September 2010

1930s girls, jakalopes and entertainment

Lately ive found myself coming back to the real world for a little bit, ive began catching up on the latest movies, a new video game and fashion. Its been a while for me to do these things cause usually i lock myself up in making arty things and the internet and thats it.

 This is a new painting ive done

 I decorated this bag for myself

I dislike my faces of my painting friends just now, i even found an old webcomic i did in 2007 and its been sad to notice that i somehow had such a better style back then dispite all my classes ive taken. If anything they may have ruined it and thats a sad thought.

Been watching and catching up with movies that are coming out or have this year, I watched dispicable me a few nights ago and it was really good actually. I love foreign accents espeacially French, Russian, Czech and German. Also i have watched some trailers for upcoming films or films that just came out.

Being the animal lover that i am im really looking forward to this film, i dont care if it looks cheesy, childish or silly. I adore owls especially barn owls and i think i get this from my Dad.

I have no life and i dont really do anything so im excited to see a film about owls that looks beautiful cause im sad like that.

A part of me has been playing video games again aswell, this is a part of myself i dont share with people all that often because this blog is suspose to be about my personal thoughts and artistic struggles. I dont know it if wise or interesting to share my other hobbies or interests but what have i got to loose.

Im a huge fan of horror games i really am, i love the silent hills series just as an example. I love vampires my favourite game series is that of the legacy of kain series.

But very recently i have started playing a game for the PS2 that combines horror, orphaned children, victorian, aristocrat, psychological horror, England, roses, fairytales and pretty dresses. This game is called Rule of Rose.

I have fell deeply in love with the look, feel and characters of this game very very much. I love it so much that i wish i made it and the story. It's inspired me deeply and makes me want to draw and paint endlessy pretty 1930s girls in disturbing and beautiful situations. I want to dress in 1930s clothes and do photography, I may just do that.
Even if you are not a fan of computer games much or even horror this game might not be for you but the story and look of the game is worth the play.

In other news ive still bee job searching a lot, i went for an interview and nothing came of it really and i sent out lots of applications by hand and email. I now also have a cold so for the past couple of days i have been in my room in bed with tissues and lack of sleep. I also made a look book account aswell since i have nothing better to do and have weird clothes.

I also began making a very ugly doll, i should go back to her soon.


Monday, 20 September 2010

Exhibition opening, change of enviroment and outlook

I made these roses for the exhibition to do a bit of self promotion and put them in a vase, the people that run it were kind enough to let me have this there also along with bussiness cards. My mum helped me make them.

The exhibition was a crazy experience for me...ive never did anything like this or had my work so public before that wasnt the internet. My style and medias have changed so much that its strange looking at work i do now compared to the sorta things i used to do. As far as i know my work was so different from everyone elses styles and pieces there. Im not sure if this a good thing or a bad thing since art is subjective. All the art and work people have put into them and the exhibition is just wonderful.

I know it may not seem grand or wonderful but it meant so much to me, it really did, i do not have very much going for me in life, i never have apart from art and the little things i enjoy fill me with so much joy more than money or all the treasure in the world could do.

My heart and mind have been filled with so many alien feelings lately, ones i did not know i could feel or think, one of these feelings is seeing my work up on a wall with other works. Framed, shiney and perserved and propperly done. One would think you should be filled with happiness and be proud of yourself, im not sure if that is because thats a natural response for approval and fruit of labour. But i feel a feeling that i do not know when looking at my work like that, i hope to know more of this feeling to understand it.

I also recently went on a train journey to meet a friend cause their at university now, Ive been job hunting but its very difficult. I did not know by the age of 21 that i would still be struggling so much with things such as jobs, living, what i want to do in life and making art. I got to meet his flatmates and their wonderful people they really are, it also gave me a weird sense of longing to go to a university when somehow ive never had a desire to do such a thing since even when i was in college.

I felt comfortable in the dusty old building, with the mess on the floor and in corners, the non comfort of a bath which i have always. The journey up to the city was so beautiful watching all the vast landscapes we have in scotland, woodland, rivers, lakes, gothic architecture, oh my i shed a tear.

I had a moment on that train where it felt like no one was around me i forgot where i was and just all the feelings of everything hit me. So much has happened in so little time, yet the feeling was all the most wonderful things you never knew would stay with you. The twinkling of your first music box, watching a balloon fly in the sky, first time dipping your toes into the sea, when i saw a little girl picking roses from my vase to put carefully in her pocket, it was all these little moments hitting me with such full force, its the only way i can discribe it. I hope to understand this feeling better aswell.

Im working on somemore work.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Exhibition, Jobs, and Time

Heys everyone and anyone
I know it may seem like all i do a lot is whine and bitch about bad things in my life or how im feeling down and stuff and im sorry about that. All the negativity is no good for anyone.
But i know ive started coming back to Deviantart and blogger and doing art again. Things were looking a lot better.

But i must confess that a terrible terrible thing has happened in my family thats been very difficult for everyone. I cannot say what it was or whats happening at this time but i do know that its gonna take some time. It will get better hopefully in time.

But i do thank all the support and beautiful art you all keep making and making me belieave in beautiful things again. So its gonna take me a little time to make some more art again and im gonna start working on more shortly.


*In other really really good news i got some of my works framed and printed and their going to be in a Exhibition on that opens on the 18th of September right through to October 30th. Its a charity for a school and profits are made by people buying the paintings and 25% of that goes to the funding.

The people that run it are artists them selfs and are really great people they helped me and supported me so much and my work when i gave it in to them. :star:

I did A3 Matte prints and framed them myself of these works! (going to make this one look better)

So yeahs this is exciting and wonderful for me, ive never had anything exhibited in my whole life and the people gave me contacts and a confidence boost!*

*I doubt any of you do but if you live in SCOTLAND! you can come to the gallery its in the Cumbernauld town centre old mackies store! Their will be posters all around the shops randomly of it if you need to know more or need help. Or if you know anyone that lives here or near the area spread the WORD! Their will be much more art by various artists and crafts to look at and buy of all times of mediums!*

I'll take piccys of the event once its opened! :)


Ive had a lot of support from my family and some very special people in my life. I have been given and had some gifts made for me its been overwhelimg to know im not alone.

Ill treasure them forever, are'nt they precious?!

Before the bad news happened I went and got some things for myself for really cheap

I got these goregeous stickers of flowers especially roses! *o*

I have been collecting stickers for a number of years i suspose my collection could be bigger.
Their used a lot for decorating and making gifts and letters.

I also got some new books too that i think will vaulable in the future.

One is a huge book all about British wildlife and nature with lots of information and beautiful illstration. I find myself being excited to look in it to find animals and plants ive seen to learn about them. I found some interesting caterpillars and animals lately.
Also i would like to use this book as a reference book for drawing and learning.

The other book is all about drying and pressing flowers and plants and making them into lovely decorations. Would like to do this in the future.

This is a butterfly i found with some friends a couple of weeks ago. Took the piccy myself.

This is also my photography account.

Ive also been to a job fair recently and handed out my CV to a bunch of places and have been applying to places online. They will get back to me at the weekend so hopefully ill get an interview or something.

I also have a cold achoo achoo achoo! so ill drown in tissues and warm blankies and job hunting.
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