Monday, 30 August 2010

New work and news as the little flower in my heart gets more light

Found many old pieces of work and little secret beautys i forgot i had or they were hidden in the mountains of work ive did over the years. I decided to start decorating my room with them to be reminders and fill my mind and heart with dreams and hope. It will also inspire myself in small ways to keep trying and to keep trying to make my skills better as a creative person. I will keep adding to the white canvas walls as time goes on.

Above are various things Ive collected and made for the past years the earliest being when i was 10, the masks were made for a project in my old college. Their is more but their the only ones that were the easiest to put up on the wall. I also made the ink trees that are beside my mirror now aswell earlier last year.

Ive also began to start framing and printing my most recent style and works for my wall, its a strange feeling to see work framed and on a wall. I hope it grows on me.

Ive been experimenting with matte paper and printing out my paintings to try out different sizes and types its been very exciting.

I also finally went to a printing place and got some of my prints done to about A3 size as tests with different medias ive created work with. My heart was filled with love seeing my work at a larger scale and to a beautiful finish. Ive never did this with my work before it made me very happy. I plan to go back and get further pieces printed.

I went and found these frames and bought at least 5 of them because they were cheap, i never knew i could fall in love with frames. I adore them and im going to keep one for myself for my room to put beautiful things in.

Ive did all this because it is practice and preperation for the exhibition thats coming up in September, im going to experiment with boarders in photoshop and the frame. I hope i wont be so indescesive about picking the final ones. I do also hope to finally have things for my Esty shop aswell and maybe spare prints of my work would be valuable for someone to give them love.

I also got some lovely dollies i hope to make precious things with them and their also part of my ideas on how i want to present work at the exhibition. 

Been working on many things here and there with different medias that i missed a lot, i seem to be a mixed media artist at heart. This has been this way since i ran away from doing digital media in art software such as photoshop and illustrator. Im not afraid to use them and i still do use them here and there but theirs something just so satisfying about using media rawly with my fingers.

 Spooky cute
A little bigger than 8x10
Poster paint
Their was a spare bit of cardboard laying around and i couldnt help but feel i should make something from it. I made this little scene because i had the erge to do something simple and sweet. Ive never used sharpie before either was interesting and headachy.

Tribute to Poe
Paper collage with a copy of the Raven printed
White mesh tape (reminds me of spider web i love it so)
Old Frame

I found an old frame that had a cardboard backing that has been laying around the house for a long time. I found some print outs of the raven laying around aswell which sparked this. Edgar Allan Poe inspires me greatly i don't mind admiting tho ive not read every single thing hes done. But the ones i have read have actually filled me with fright and make me hold my breath incase it gets stolen. I have never read any other words/books that have been capable of making me feel this way and i admire him deeply because of this.

I do feel this piece maybe lacking something tho, im unsure what to add to it. What do you think?
Here is also a lovely website all about Mr Poe
(Pretty pretty pretty)
I have been working on some paintings aswell and also exploring the woods here and there and wearing pretty sensible things to lift my spirits about myself as a female.

Bird lady

This piece is quite old and i kept forgetting to post it.

Apple Poison

I wanted to do a simple piece with simple colours and line, Im somehow fond of this style and image maybe cause i just did it without thinking about it. i cant deny that this piece must of been inspired by certain styles and other artists that ive been looking at lately. Especially random ones on deviantart. I wanted to do something delicate and refined.

This is a piece ive started but i will go back to it in time.

Im going to a job fair in town next week aswell i hope this goes well and to do somemore prints. Things will be strange not going back to college this time. Maybe more education in the future but not now.

Also before i go I must say i forgot how much i love the fashion designers Viktor and Rolf and their beautifuly twisted ideas and designs. If i ever wanted to get into the fashion industry i know i would want to create like them.

Im also getting a little sad about how my blogs look, i would like to maybe change or add things to their appearances. Do you like the way they look now? or should i change them? change the music?

Saturday, 28 August 2010

so loud and busy away from the computer

Im sorry i have not updated this blog in a while since my last entry which was quite depressing and pathetic.
I have been doing many things away from the computer which i feel i needed a break from to focus on other matters. Theirs so much to say, so much to show, and so much to explain. I do not know where to start.

I have been working on many new pieces at my own pace and freedom and its feeding my soul slowly and its still keeps getting hungry for more. Their will be an update with much better information, pictures and beautiful things shortly.
 I guess im saying this to anyone who actually reads this thing but also for myself more because its what i must do and must be.

Ive had a brief update on one of my Deviantart accounts

Monday, 2 August 2010

I found the white bunnies

Dirty sea shells and small artistic progress

I did make a trip to the beach, as unglamourious and dull as it can be in Scotland. But its was nice to walk about near water and the atmosphere. Cant help but love little beach houses and towns simple things make me happpy. Was nice for my family to do and go somewhere different aswell.

We went to a couple of other beaches aswell but cause the tide was in their was many places to go or space. My doggie enjoyed it a lot tho must be all the wonderful things he can see and smell. Collected shells and did some exploring.

Interesting little house we found.

Hoard of shells we collected i still need to wash them and thinkin about using them for some art projects. Theirs a tiny little Crab in there too, used shells and Crabs in the past for art projects aswell as sand.

The summer is starting to become a blur and i dont know how i feel about that, I used to remember things quite clearly. But now i have trouble remembering what day it is or what i did at the start of a week.

I did do some shopping tho, first ive bought anything in months. I got some art materials and went exploring for bargains and the sales.

I got new paint brushes and they came with a carrying case thats made of this really soft material and a doll making kit. Im planning to start trying to make dolls and puppets but creative mood and other projects keep popping up. I aslo got some watercolour boards aswell to try them out because im wanting to work on bigger scales and expand my skills.

I have been working on a painting with various media, its taking its time because im being very picky with it and adding to it. Ill hopefully be finished it in the next couple of days or so. Im aslo needing to go through all of my work to decide images for the exhibition, ive never did one before so im quite nervous.

I also will have to take my work to a printing place and ive never did this before so im afraid ill make a fool of myself and ask the wrong things i need or where to go. Theres so much i want to do and try but im always unsure of how to start or how to make something small bigger and better. Esepcially when it comes to putting art out into the world of the internet.

Im happier with how i feel about creating tho, been creating on what makes me happy tho and not what others think or want.

I made this little card for my niece's birthday tomorrow shes going to be 3 years old. My typography is awful but hopefully the little bunny having a picnic will make up for it.

Been finding a lot of media and materials ive had for a long time and been making little things here and there from them. Maybe the tiny medias will forgive me for making them be lonely and dusty.

Found a pink ribbon and attatched it to a hairband i have. Im not very skilled or amazing at these sort of things as most people i see everyday on the web. But decided to start making my own accessories and such for myself since i have the materials but not the money.

I know it might seem trivial and materialistic but im pushing my skills to see what i can do with little resources so guess im testing myself and making things because it makes me feel good. Been inspired lately by fashion blogs aswell which i might have a go at myself and see where it takes me.
Im not afraid to expand my artistic needs and concepts.

Should probably change thigs blog or make it more interesting looking not sure what to do tho or if simple is the best option.

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